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13th IASC Conference -January 10th Inaugural Session

Videos Programme

Date Events
10th Jan, 2011 Opening Ceremony (Inaugural Addresses by Dr.Elinor Ostrom and Shri.Jairam Ramesh, Environment minister, India)
11th Jan, 2011 Key Note Speeches Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Herman Rosa Chávez
11th Jan, 2011 Policy Forum Sessions
  1. Securing the Rights of Common Property Users – Experiences from Latin America, Africa and Asia
  2. Pastoralism and Commons – Beyond Sedentarisation and Sustainability
  3. Placing (forest) Commons in a Landscape Perspective
  4. Governing and Managing Common Property Resources in the Face of Climate Change
12th Jan, 2011 Key Note Speeches David Bollier, Bina Agarwal
12th Jan, 2011 Policy Forum Sessions
  1. Policy shifts, Implications for Water Access and Latitude for Water
  2. Food Security, Commons and Entitlements Towards Strategic Solutions
  3. How much nature can we risk privatizing?: Potentials and dangers of valuing nature’s services
  4. Between the Sea and the Land: Complex Commons at the Interface of Marine-Terrestrial Systems
14th Jan, 2011 Key Note Speeches Ram Dayal Munda, Ashish Kothari
14th Jan, 2011 Policy Forum Sessions
  1. Legal Recognition of Community-based Property Rights
  2. Emerging Policies: Creating New Commons
  3. Forest Right Act, Community Forest Rights & Management/ Community Conserved Areas
  4. Philanthropy and the Commons
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