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Call for contributions IASC Workshop 'Working Together on the Commons' (ASU, Tempe AZ, USA, March 8-9, 2018) - deadline Dec. 1

The Center for Behavior, Institutions and the Environment (CBIE) welcomes proposals for working groups for the IASC Workshop 'Working Together on the Commons', which will be organized by CBIE at Arizona State University on March 8-9, 2018. The focus of this workshop will be the use of multiple methods to study collective action and the commons. The workshop is free of charge, but IASC-membership is required. Proposals are due by December 1, 2017.

First Workshop on Commons in China

Prof. Yahua Wang, professor at the School of Public Policy and Management and Vice President of the China Institute for Rural Studies at Tsinghua University in Beijing, chaired the highly successful first workshop on commons held in China (October 14-15, 2017), attracting over 80 academic experts from several countries. The focus of this workshop was ‘water governance and policy’. Endorsement by the IASC enabled the organization of this workshop.

Riksbanken research grant awarded to international interdisciplinary project on coding commons´ regulations

The Riksbanken Jubileumfond has recently granted a research grant of 4,626,000 SEK (c. 578,000 USD / 478,000 EUR) to the Research Project 'Modelling institutional dynamics in historical commons (MIDI)'. This international and interdisciplinary research project is set-up by and involves IASC-members Giangiacomo Bravo (Project PI), Tine De Moor, and Amineh Ghorbani. The project builds upon research results from the Common Rules-project, led by Tine De Moor.

New issue International Journal of the Commons online now!

The editorial team of The International Journal of the Commons have great pleasure in announcing that its newest issue has been launched. Have a look at the table of contents at

Call for Papers, Posters, and Dissertations WEHC2018 (Boston, July 29-August 3, 2018) - deadlines start January 31, 2018

Please note that this announcement is published for your information and is not an IASC-activity

Session proposals for the 18th gathering of the World Economic History Congress (to convene July 29 – August 3, 2018 in historic Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts) have been accepted and posted to the WEHC2018 website ( The Executive Committee of the IEHA encourages all individuals with an interest in participating to consult the list of accepted sessions, especially as many of them are still accepting additional paper presenters and other participants. Also, organizers still welcome poster submissions and dissertations.

Job Opportunity: Assistant Professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - deadline October 27, 2017

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The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences (NRES) in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) at the University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign (, invites candidates to apply for a 9-month, tenure-track, 60% research/40% teaching Assistant Professor of Social Dimensions of the Environment. Applications should be in by October 27, 2017.

Call for Papers - Conference 'Writing Environmental History in the 21st Century' (Lyon, June 13-15, 2018) - deadline November 20

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For its tenth anniversary, the Academic Networks of Environmental Historians (Réseau universitaire de chercheurs en histoire environnementale; RUCHE) invites researchers from all disciplines who work on the environment to reflect on the sources, practices and methods that can help us gain greater knowledge of shared topics of interest.

Day Conference 'Farming and the nation" (London, November 3, 2017)

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This year is the 100th anniversary of the Corn Production Act, and 70 years since the passing of the 1947 Agriculture Act. These anniversaries show that agricultural policy exists in an historical context, and agricultural historians should be part of the current debate on the future of farming. Accordingly, a one-day conference under the aegis of the British Agricultural History Society, 'Farming and the nation: historical perspectives for rural policy after Brexit', will take place at the Farmers Club in London on Friday 3 November.

Publication on historical irrigation community in Mula, Spain - freely accessible until October 21, 2017

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The editors of the Journal of Economic History are pleased to announce an article by José-Antonio Espín-Sánchez, 'Institutional inertia: Persistent inefficient institutions in Spain'. Free access to this article is available until October 21, 2017

Prof. Yahua Wang host of 2017 Commons Workshop at Tsinghua University, China - keynote by John Powell

Prof. Yahua (Bert) Wang of The School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University in China will be the host of the 2017 Commons Workshop 'Enhancing Water Governance and Policy', which will be held on October 14-15 2017, at Tsinghua University, near Beijing in China. This will be the first professional academic conference around Commons in China, and has been approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

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