Several new publications by A.F. Pilon


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IASC-member Andre Francisco Pilon informed us about 5 recent new publications:

  • Pilon, A.F., Education Towards a Responsible Society: An Ecosystemic Approach for Advocacy, Public Policies, Research and Teaching Programmes, 2nd HEIRRI Conference, Vienna, 2018 [available online]
  • Pilon, A.F., Governance, Science-Policy Interfaces, Societal Organisation and the Transition to an Ecosystemic Model of Culture, Univ. Lib. of Munich, MPRA Paper 85783, 2018 [available online]
  • Pilon, A.F., The ecosystem approach: challenges for public policies and educational programmes, Posted on The British Academy of Management, 10th March 2018 [available online]
  • Pilon, A.F., A Global Voice for Survival: An Ecosystemic Approach for the Environment and the Quality of Life, University Library of Munich, MPRA Paper No.86681, 2018 [available online]
  • Pilon, A.F., The Farm of Dueña Nonoca and Don Eusebio’s Business. Posted on Research Gate, May 18, 2018 [available online]