About the council

All Council members of the Executive Council of the IASC are elected by the membership. The Executive Council of the Association consists of the President, the President-Elect, the immediate Past-President, and six Councilors, in accordance with the bylaws of the IASC.

The President-Elect, the President, and the Past-President all serve two years, starting on January 15 following the year of the general elections. After each cycle of two years, a new President-Elect will be elected, as the acting President-Elect will take over the position of the President, the leaving President then becoming the Past-President.

Councilors serve a term of maximum six consecutive years; those elected to Councilor positions that opened up during those six years will serve until the completion of the original term of six years for that position.

For the current members of the Council, please visit the Council webpage.

Election procedures

Candidates will be nominated by the IASC Council Nominating Committee, consisting of two Councilors and two persons appointed by the President after consultation with Council and the Executive Director. Nominations can also be submitted by a group of IASC-members representing at least one percent of the membership.

Next, the profiles of all candidates will be presented via dedicated webpages to all IASC-members. Voting will be done anonymously and electronically.


All steps of the election process have been laid down in the bylaws of the IASC.

The timeline for each election is as follows:

October 1 of election year
Deadline for nominations and candidates’ written consent

November 1 of election year
Deadline for sending ballots containing all valid nominations to the IASC-members entitled to vote

December 1 of election year
Deadline for submitting votes

January 1 following election year
Deadline for IASC’s Executive Director for sending results to IASC-President

January 15 following election year
Elected candidates formally installed

January 31 following election year
Deadline announcing results elections to membership

Full details of the election procedures are to be found in the bylaws of the IASC.