IASC Early Career Network Member

The Early Career Network (ECN) is a self-organised collaborative effort of early-career IASC members. We support and promote the next generation of scholars and practitioners with interests in sustainable governance and management of commons, or other forms of shared resources.

We welcome all interested and motivated early-career IASC members. Although there is ambiguity about who is considered to be early career, we define early career as somebody who is working towards a degree at Master or Ph.D. level or has finished their highest degree less than 10 years ago.

The Early Career Network is an inclusive and supportive community that supports research collaborations and helps members weather challenges faced in this precarious career stage. We envision the Network as a safe space where long-lasting professional and personal connections can flourish.

We have laid out the core values, overarching goals, and organizational structure of the ECN in our Mission Statement that you can read here.

Our activities fall broadly into three activity clusters:

CLUSTER 1. Advancing research frontiers for navigating social-ecological challenges by bridging disciplinary perspectives.

CLUSTER 2. Enhancing dialogue among members at similar early career stages, as well as connecting with more seasoned scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to promote cross-generational and professional exchange.

CLUSTER 3. Promoting further professional development opportunities, including discussion on how to navigate job opportunities with inter- and transdisciplinary background.

To advance these activities we have formed two working groups:

WORKING GROUP 1. The Navigating Interdisciplinary Research working group aims to facilitate a space where members can negotiate and navigate the challenges of working in interdisciplinary settings as is increasingly becoming common while studying social-ecological systems. The first initiative is to produce a series on facilitating interdisciplinary dialogue.

WORKING GROUP 2. The Study of Informal Rules working group focuses on initiatives and dialogue surrounding the study of informal rules/institutions in the context of conducting fieldwork. The first initiative is to write an opinion piece on the challenges and opportunities of studying informal rules.

Our members are globally distributed and have a diverse set of backgrounds. You will soon be able to browse our locations and research using an interactive map.

Please complete the membership form to learn more and join the IASC ECN.
You can also email us, IASC.ECN@gmail.com.