Participate in survey Mountain Sentinels

The Mountain Sentinels collaborative network is working to understand the most important activities and the most significant barriers to success across collaborative research projects worldwide. The network has developed a survey to gather insights from both researchers and practitioners with collaborative experience across all systems (not just mountains). The survey is offered in four languages […]

Accounting for power in the IAD….when you don’t have time to study power – publication by Marie-Claire Brisbois et al

Recently published in World Development, ‘Augmenting the IAD framework to reveal power in collaborative governance – An illustrative application to resource industry dominated processes’, co-authored by IASC-member Marie-Claire Brisbois, provides clear guidance on how to practically account for power when applying the IAD. The article focuses on issues of collaborative commons governance but will be […]

New publication: Kaiāulu by Mehana Blaich Vaughan

Building on two decades of interviews with more than sixty Hawaiian elders, leaders, and fishermen and women, Kaiāulu by Mehana Blaich Vaughan shares their stories of enduring community efforts to perpetuate kuleana (‘rights and responsibilities’). An important contribution to scholarship, Kaiāulu is also a deeply personal tribute to a community based not on ownership, but […]

Launch of LabGov Georgetown

The researchers involved in LabGov Georgetown (among whom Sheila Foster, IASC Council Member), are happy to announce the establishment of this new laboratory for governance of the commons. In ever-changing urban contexts worldwide, LabGov explores the idea that social and economic generation in cities can benefit from an “urban commons” framework in which communities and […]

New article by Ashutosh Sarker and William Blomquist published

IASC-members Ashutosh Sarker and William Blomquist recently had their article ‘Addressing misperceptions of Governing the Commons’ published with the Journal of Institutional Economics. In their article, Sarker and Blomquist demonstrate that the Elinor Ostrom’s famous publication Governing the Commons should not be defined as merely anti-statist or against privatization. Article on journal’s website (subscription may […]

New Routledge publication ‘The Commons, Plant Breeding and Agricultural Research’, eds. Frison and Girard

Routledge publishers has recently published the book The Commons, Plant Breeding and Agricultural Research, edited by IASC-member Christine Frison and Fabien Girard. [publisher text] This book shows how social sciences, and more especially law, can contribute towards reconfiguring current legal frameworks in order to achieving a better balance between the necessary requirements of agricultural innovation […]

Three new publications by Andersson et al.

IASC-member Krister Andersson, Professor of Political Science and Director of The Center for the Governance of Natural Resources at the University of Colorado at Boulder recently had three articles published as (co-)author. Please note that the links may require subscriptions to view the full article. Andersson, K. et al., 2018. Experimental Evidence on Payments for Forest […]