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To sign up for individual membership, please fill out the form below. The IASC desires to make membership accessible to each income category and therefore membership fees are wage-dependent.

Multi-year memberships offer you a 10% discount on the annual fee.

As an individual member of the IASC, you will enjoy:

    • reduced fees for IASC-conferences, IASC-workshops, and other IASC-events
    • 33% reduced author’s publication fee with the peer-reviewed International Journal of the Commons
    • free announcement of your news, publications, and events via IASC’s weekly updates, newsletter, and social media

Your registration will be confirmed by automated e-mail. Please check spam or unwanted mail folders in case the message does not show in your Inbox. If you have any problems signing up, please contact the IASC Secretariat via iasc@iasc-commons.org.

Membership fees

Payments are managed via creditcard by Stripe. For additional payment options, please contact iasc@iasc-commons.org. As from February 2019 on, memberships run from the date of subscription until the same date at the end of the number of years of memberschip subscribed to and are subject to the applicable Terms and Conditions.

Category1-year membership2-year membership3-year membership4-year membership
Annual income USD 19,999 or lessUSD 30USD 57USD 84USD 108
Annual income USD 20,000 – 49,999
USD 75USD 135USD 202,50USD 270
Annual income USD 50,000 – 79,999
USD 120USD 216USD 324USD 432
Annual income USD 80,000 and over
USD 175USD 315USD 472,50USD 630

Institutional Membership

Are you member or representative of an organization? Then you may consider to sign up your organization as organizational or supporting member of the IASC.

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$30 USD / Individual Membership – 1 year – income category USD 19.999 and less
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